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How can we help you? We can offer different services to give you the best experience for your team. You can choose from one to all of the below components to help us create your package. Fill in the form below to get in touch.

Transportation Services

Transfers to and from Malta's Airport to your accommodation and transportation to and from accommodation to the sports venue and events. We've got it all covered.


From self-catering apartments up to 5-star hotels and boutique hotels, Sportslink will offer you only the best of Maltese Accommodation opportunities.

Tours around Malta & Gozo

Valletta, Mdina, Gozo, Haġar Qim Temples, The Three Cities and many more tours around Malta & Gozo are available for you and your team to enjoy the beautiful country.

Evening/Night Activities

Malta is popular for its evening activities, whether its a party for your teenage team or a traditional Maltese Festa for your PRO Team. There is surely something for everyone.

Professional Services

Your team does not only need the physique. Sportslink can setup motivational events, Sports Psychology sessions, Nutrition Talks and whatever is needed to take your team to the next step.

Sports Facilities

Sportslink will organise your events in the most suitable sports facilities in Malta & Gozo depending on your needs and training program. We have connections with all locations available.

Cultural Tours

Be part of Malta's Cultural Events and live the Maltese lifestyle by attending theatre, music events, festivals and other activities with us at Sportslink. Having fun while bonding as a team is priceless.

Local Matches

We can connect you with different clubs and individuals living in Malta who share the same passion as you do. Increase your social circle while enjoying doing what you love doing most.

Team Building Events

Fun-games with a purpose or a treasure hunt in a Maltese setting can be used to make your team bond together even more. Tell us what your needs are and we will design a special activity for you.

English Courses

Malta is a hub for English Language Learning Courses with multiple schools and institutions available to learn English. Get your children or athletes to learn English while training in Malta.

Malta Tour Examples

Here are two example of how a Malta Sports Tour might look. Nonetheless, we can create a program to cater for your exact needs.

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